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Team in Training March 2007 Update
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March 2007 Update

Dear Friends and Family,

It's a foggy Saturday in San Francisco; the sky is completely gray, and so the dark is coming on earlier than usual tonight. For those of you who don't know the SF fog, it comes off the ocean and from the sky, not like the fog in most places that rises from the ground. It's really low lying clouds that would make people not in the know think it's going to rain. The wind that blows it in from the ocean is cold and wet, and when it blows through you, it leaves a mist on your glasses, your skin, and your jacket. Such is the day today (it's actually leaving a lot of mist all over everything), and such are all days after a series of sunny, warm ones, when the hot air in the central valley rises and leaves a vacuum, and you all know how Nature feels about that. Fill it with fog! Blow it in across the City and make the residents know it's summer.

So, we were out in Golden Gate Park at 8 this morning, walking for 2.5 hours, and I was glad of the fog, as I was last week when we were at Pt. Richmond walking for 2 hours along the Bay. Where's Pt. Richmond? Beats me. Cross the Bay Bridge out of the City, go north on 80 through Berkeley, and turn as if you were going to San Rafael. But don't get on that bridge - exit beforehand, and go to the Bay. See? I told you, and you still don't know. The path goes along the Bay, the plantings are beautiful, there are condos, and between the industrial sites, it's kind of nice. But the fog was in then too, and it was gray and ya'll who live here know how cold it was.

The rest of the Saturday walks were all in GG Park and along the Great Highway along the ocean, so I really can't complain. And frankly, I prefer the fog to the sun when we're walking, 'cause it's cooler. I do enough sweating during the week.

Training in March has really stepped up, and I have become friends with the treadmill in one of the gyms at Stanford. Our midweek training now contains interval work, meaning so many minutes at one speed and so many at another speed. I think they're all fast, and I really have to tell you all something kind of gross - when I get off the treadmill, my pony tail is dripping. My one goal for this week is to get enough sleep each night so I can keep up. I'm convinced that sleep is the key to successful workouts. Oh yeah, maybe eat enough protein too. But sleep is at the top of my list.

I am getting some wonderful support from Team in Training, with emails and group walks. I am actually excited about next Saturday's walk, along someplace in Alameda. Bay Farm Island? I used to have friends who lived there, but I sure don't know where there's a 12 mile trail. Yes, this Saturday we'll be up to 12 miles! I cannot believe it. And there's a coach's training on Sunday morning, where he'll teach us hill technique.

Thank you all, every single one of you wonderful people, for donating money, encouragement, cheer, and support. I am almost at the $6,700 mark and am one of the top fund raisers for the Bay Area Walk Team! We recommit to the marathon in Anchorage this week, and I'm ready! Well, psychologically, that is. Physically is coming! I could not be doing this without you. It's a major commitment of time and effort, and every drop of sweat, every sore muscle, every drip of that pony tail - Cathi, it's for you, and I love you!

Keep the cards and letters coming, folks. Already donated? Just send me good thoughts, or maybe an email with a couple of encouraging words. It really helps. I used to think that folks who cheered others on were kind of, well, strange. Until somebody cheered for me. It made my day, gave me strength, and kept me going. Your donations and words of support keep me going always, and I am so grateful.

Much love to you all -

February 2007 Update