Holden Village Staff Experience August, 2003

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SLUDGE Tidepooling

The tidepool expedition to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, Moss Beach.  It was a cold, gray, misty day, but almost 30 of us made it to the tidepools and then to Helmut Schneider's for soup and fun.  There were record low tides when we were there, allowing us to go pretty far out on the rocks and view many tidepools.

From the path to the tidepools, about halfway there -


It was a pretty cold day.  The woman in the picture below wasn't in our group, but since she's wearing a ski jacket, you know she has the right idea.
This picture and the one below it were taken together and could be put together using Photoshop (or the equivalent), but that's for another day.  Taken together, they give a good idea of what the rocks, ocean and tidepools looked like.  If you look closely, you will see people all over those rocks.



Renata Bridgeman shows something to her husband Jim.  In back of them is Greg Gomez, with Angelina Gomez barely visible behind Lisa Dahill (with the green pack) talking to Diane Hidy Smith (red hat).  Evie Smith is helped by her dad, Tony.
(I know, I cut their heads off...my view finder made me blind?)



         Bryce Smith shows Tom Benson
         something interesting.

Maybe Bryce sees something like this!  I couldn't resist taking a picture of this particular pool, because the colors were so lovely.  I especially loved the pink algae on the rocks.  There were tons of hermit crabs, so many that sometimes it seemed the floor of the pools was moving (it was!).  I also spied a small shrimp, the kind you can see right through.  And many anemones, of course.  The sea urchins weren't around, though, and we only found a couple of empty shells - which, of course, were beautiful, but too broken to take.


Bryce and Steve Krefting are looking for something under that rock.  Must be a sea star!  We saw more than I thought we would; they hide in places you wouldn't think to look.


Must be the intrepid bunch who venture out as far as you can go. 
Helmut Schneider, Steve Krefting, Bryce Smith, Tom Benson,
Diana Gomez (I think; she's hiding...) and Diane Hidy Smith.
Oh - and I must be as intrepid as they are, since I'm behind the camera...


Mussels anyone?
You can have my share...these were everywhere!
(I know, I eat most things, but not mussels, oysters and clams, sorry!)


When the tide starts to come back in, it does so abruptly.  Here it comes!
(I love this picture; it's my favorite.)


Time to start heading up the beach, up the trail, and into the trees.
It was raining!


That really is our group, both above and below.  I can only recognize Alexa Benson
making her way up the path; the rest of the folks are still on the beach. 
Notice how quickly the ocean is covering up the rocks!


From the top of the cliffs: the tide has moved in quite a bit already,
the rain is coming down, and all of us are craving a warm, dry place!


So, we piled into the cars and drove the half mile or so to Helmut's, where his chili, soup, and the various offerings of the group made a wonderful supper.  Lisa Dahill and Liz Benson are looking happier.  That's Helmut stirring something on the stove.  Tom Benson is towards the left, talking with someone in a blue plaid shirt.  Jim Dallas, maybe?


Out on the deck, Diana Gomez is looking very pleased with herself, and with good reason.  The salad was not only wonderful, but HUGE!  (Thanks, Diana!)  Greg Gomez partakes of a beer, Andrew Sallach is looking kind of cold there against the wall, and Charlene Ohlrich and her friend Paul bring up the rear.


Nicole Mitchell was the only person to bring her own banana.
Angelina Gomez enjoys her food, and we think Alexa is also enjoying hers, but she's also hiding behind Nicole.  Who belongs to that sweatshirt on the left? 
Is it Josh?  Or Jim Bridgeman?


I didn't ask Carol Quitmeyer to pose like that!  She must have been approaching the punch line of a joke!  Tom Benson feeds his face, and there's Kate (in the black and white jacket) and her friends from the San Francisco Academy of the Arts, and once again, the mysterious guy in the blue plaid shirt.


The mystery man is revealed!  It's Jim Dallas, just as I suspected.  That's the back of his head in the lower right.  So, left to right, kind of: Kate's arm, Bill and Barbara from Fresno (he's a PLTS student), Angelina Gomez (sitting on the floor), Alexa Benson, Nicole Mitchell, Greg (Nicole's friend), and with their backs to us, Josh's girlfriend from Southern California, whose name escapes me, but Josh will tell me, Josh, and Jim Dallas.  Tracing the map of Germany on the wall is Killian Benson.


The same group.  Do I have to repeat their names?  No, I guess I don't, so I won't.



        Kate (right), Carol Quitmeyer's niece,
        and her friends from the Art Academy
        look like they're enjoying a laugh.
        Does it have anything to do with
        what Carol is doing?  (What are you
        doing, anyway, Carol?)